HOMECOMING: Crossing the Bridge To the Soul

Posted 1 month ago
Keith Anthony Blanchard

Category : Non-Fiction

Price: $ 9.99

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If you are seeking union with your Sacred Self, this book is the Lamplight that will wipe the cobwebs of time from your mind and the darkness of fear from your vision. Passion and sincerity are key to initiating anything in life. When you begin to do what you love continuously, a conscious connection to the Soul happens. In the development and expansion of your life, you will begin to feel a Presence. What is this Presence? The Divine, or is it Love of Self? So now the question becomes, what is this Love? Is it God? It is challenging to put this level of Consciousness into words. Bliss, joy and effortlessness abound while the worries of life no longer exist. In such unity, the universe awaits your beckoning call with fruits you only dreamed could fall from the tree of life. This place, this space, is the bridge to the Soul and your return to the Garden of Eternal Playfulness. Welcome home.

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