Marvelous Masks

New book about masks is a must read for kids!

Marvelous Masks is a timely children's book by author/illustrator, Nicole Billick, that makes masks more relatable and less scary for young children

Do you know any little ones who are wary of wearing masks because of COVID-19 or know any who are wondering why everyone suddenly seems to be wearing masks? Have you been trying to find a way to make your young children comfortable wearing a mask without feeling strange or anxious? Have an upcoming event or travel where your child will have to wear a mask? Then Marvelous Masks is for you!

Marvelous Masks is a timeless, fun and beautifully hand-drawn story that explains how masks have been part of our world for a LONG time -- not just because of the coronavirus pandemic. In this charming story, a group of animal friends looks at all different kinds of masks, and shows just how cool and fun (and important!) wearing masks can be. And all in rhyme! Parents, grandparents and teachers can use this book as a tool to help explain why we all need to wear masks sometimes -- from cowboys, to doctors, baseball catchers, astronauts, chemists...and even superheroes and witches!

Inspired by her own young children, the author hopes that this lighthearted story helps take some of your child's stress out of needing to wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's make masks less scary and more relatable for young children!

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Fiction & Literature

I AM BOSS: Prescriptions to Manifest Your Desires

In the best selling book, I Am Boss, author Lenah Abraham draws on years of experience as a successful entrepreneur along with her passion for motivating others to offer you POWERFUL KEYS to unlock your ultimate SUCCESS and allow you to MANIFEST the life that you DESIRE. Lenah shares the secrets that have been passed down only to the elite and chosen ones. The fact that you found this book… you are chosen and are meant to discover these SECRETS – please handle with care.

CAUTION: Do not abuse the POWER and KNOWLEDGE that you will receive.

In this revolutionary self-motivation book, you will learn proven and powerful methods for manifesting MONEY, HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, SUCCESS and HAPPINESS:

• First, you will learn how to delete the old ‘you’, and eliminate obstacles, fear, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, negativity and bad habits; replacing them with power, strength and confidence - creating the best version of you

• Learn how to manifest anything you want – a hidden secret formula revealed

• Learn how to have every situation always work out in your favor

• Utilize the power of your own mind to achieve success, money, power, connections, confidence, love, peace, wealth, health and ultimate joy

• Attain the secrets, mantras, affirmations and prescriptions handed down personally from God

Use the Keys of Success very carefully – these are the secrets of Billionaires, Kings, and Queens. Only a few notorieties were given these hidden tools. Some were passed down, and some were hidden in writings. You are receiving these life-changing secrets so that YOU can prosper. When we go through trials, it’s simply because we need to re-direct our paths and follow the tools God has given us. If we obey these methods and prescriptions, we can have what we desire - a Beautiful Life!

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Sandman Chronicles: The Gates of Olympia

There's no such thing as monsters. All the things you were afraid of as a child aren't real. There's nothing under your bed. The thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night, heart racing, it's just a bad dream, and dreams don't come true. There's nothing to be afraid of.

For members of The Order, an ancient and secret society, it's a very different story.

As descendants of the Greek gods, they know the truth.

On their mission to Olympia to stop the God of Fear from terrorising everyone with Nightmares, they'll learn there are more secrets in a secret society than they realised and there's always another story to be told.

Meanwhile, back in Ashwood, things are becoming increasingly strange for Mara. University lectures and relationships are the least of her worries. Her dreams are turning into nightmares and they feel so real. People are going missing and the craziest thing is that monsters might be to blame.

But monsters aren't real. Nightmares don't come true. Greek gods are just a myth.

Soon she'll discover that reality is what you make of it.

Is it all real or is it all just a bad dream?

Join our fellowship of unlikely heroes as they step through the Gates of Olympia, and perhaps you will uncover the truth about the Gods and The Order before they do.

If you enjoy fantasy adventure books with a mythological twist like those by authors such as Rick Riordan and historically rich worlds in the tradition of J. R. R. Tolkien and J. K. Rowling but with the gripping and immersive, multiple character storytelling in the style of authors such as Bella Forrest and George R. R. Martin, then you will love this new fantasy series, which sets the realm of the Greek gods in a whole other world, where an unlikely band of misfits must travel to in order to save our own.


Gurgle Gurgle Splat!

Pee-Wee the monkey and Panya the mouse tell the story of a little girl who cooks a huge pot of her favorite lunch for all the neighborhood children. Things get overheated and then an explosion!  What will happen to Pee-Wee and Panya? 

Your young reader learns what kids in Kigoma Village, Tanzania eat, and how they care for each other.  Teaching diversity through humor and imagination children enjoy the laughs while reading Gurgle Gurgle Splat over and over. Kids are the same all over the world they want to have FUN!


Angry Memi and little Leo

Did you know that childen's anger is like a time bomb?

Memi is a nice girl but sometimes she loses her temper...

It can be really hard for her to control hot emotions until, one day, mom shows her a simple trick to manage her anger.

A funny illustrated book could be a powerful tool to help children learn self-regulation hacks.


  • Teach children to identify their needs

  • Help kids to manage emotions and feelings

  • Help children to learn valuable skills

  • Angry isn't always a bad emotion

  • Find out the EXTRA TRICKS inside "Angry Memi and little Leo"!!!!

    The new children's book series "Memi life Skills" is geared to toddler, children and kids 3 5.

    Perfect for teachers,parents and counselors as kindergarten and preschool books.

    Each book deals with a specific topic (e.g.anxiety, anger...) suggesting tricks and exercises to improve children's life skills.


My Pig Valve and I

Priscilla had a pig valve installed, which lasted many years longer than expected


Three Best Buddies

Three Best Buddies - Summer Adventure in Guyana is the 3rd series in this collection. This story is aimed at children ages 7 - 11 and it talks about how three friends learn the act of kindness and love towards others. No matter if you grew up without much, you can still be a good person and learn to help each other. This is what humanity teaches us and this is what this collection teaches children. That despite race, gender or spiritual beliefs we must learn how to live in kindness towards one another.

Biography & Memoir

Sin Child

Sin Child is the personal account of a strong-minded child who endured a daily struggle to find the smallest amount of acceptance and, many times, a place to fall asleep at night. The innocence and nostalgia of a one-traffic-light town fades too fast for the cotton-top child with a neglectful, angry mother and an absent father. Waking up, at the age of ten, in a house surrounded by fire and men in white robes, she was terrified of what was usually only feared by blacks and the LGBT community in rural Mississippi. Angela came to accept loss, abuse, and organized crime as a natural part of her life. The AIDS epidemic and simple abandonment repeatedly robbed her of friends and loved ones. On March 2, 2018, Oprah Winfrey appeared in a 60 Minutes segment, further introducing the concept of PTSD in those who suffered childhood traumas. She stated, "This story has had more impact on me than practically anything I've ever done." Sin Child continues the national discussion about the role of childhood trauma in a person's development. A riveting memoir, Sin Child tells the story of childhood trauma and abandonment, alongside a narrative of grit and determination, and life-saving relationships.



"MAÀT 42 Plus God" (Pocket Edition) gives basic ideas on how to incorporate 42 Concepts/Principles/Negative Confessions into your life to experience a more loving, joyful, simplistic, yet fulfilling everyday living experience. A book, perhaps, that offers you a common-sense approach to living a more prosperous life.

The term "God" is used, and refers to The Totality of Creation Itself.

Fear not: "MAÀT 42 Plus God" is NOT a religious book, but simply filled with a common-sense way of approaching LIFE. The 42 Principles/Concepts of MAÀT exudes the essence of "God."

We must Master a way to explain these Principles to our inner-selves in efforts to manifest our higher-self daily. It's time to reclaim or recover all parts of our Divine African Spirituality. Ancient Kemet recognized that MOST of what We need to get through Life with Purpose and Meaning already exists within our hearts. We simply need to tap into the powers within.

MAÀT also teaches how to create a self-directed Life that will bring Joy, Contentment, and a Renewed Sense of Purpose!

We must learn to manifest in a likeness and image of Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Peace, Reciprocity, and Love.

Undisturbed, amid everyday chaos, and confusion.

We must understand, it is in our best interest to always return to Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Love, Reciprocity, and Peace daily as we go about the day.

We are peaceful people by nature.

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions must align with the attributes of "God" and reflection of "God." If your emotional responses reflect the compassion, positive energy, and powers of God, you will change all events in your life into more positive experiences.

You possess the power to create your day.

"MAÀT 42 Plus God" is a Heart lesson, than a scholarly lesson, that gives you a common-sense approach to everyday life experiences that will allow you to vibrate at a higher frequency, above all negativity you may experience throughout the day.

If the Spirit of God is flowing through you to others, you'll respond in Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Reciprocity, and Love to be more effective in your speech and actions towards others.

You are Divine Beings.

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Fiction - YA

Murdeth: Varseth’s Fate

Varseth Crissil is a young man scorned. His father, the newly appointed king, took everything from him: leaving Varseth with a wound so deep that it can only be healed by his father’s death. Yet, fear clung to Varseth’s body and soul, binding his will to fight back.

Varseth’s father launched a campaign of terror across the continent, slaughtering anyone who refused to bend the knee. Even those who submit to his rule live as second-class citizens, constantly oppressed, and abused by the corrupt regime that treats them like chattel. They all search for the Guardian, their savior, but he has not heard their cries.

As the last living Wind Aran, Varseth possesses a great power that Lucius wants to take for his own ambitions. Armed with his mother’s Aran heritage, Varseth increases his strength, obtains allies, and unites the remaining free countries in a desperate bid to stop his father’s dystopian kingdom.

But Varseth’s quest won’t be easy. The world is filled with dangerous obstacles and things are never what they seem. Lucius commands a vast army of gargoyles, wielding weapons created from raw hatred, and blood-sucking demons, who grow stronger with every stolen life. In every town and village, there are spies lying in wait...for Lucius has a price on Varseth’s head.

The world is an incredibly unfriendly place for Varseth. Everyone seems to want him dead. But he’ll have to do his best to survive if the world is going stand a chance.

This is Murdeth.

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