Science Fiction & Fantasy

Seattle Quake 9.2

They knew it could happen - scientists had been warning them for years. Yet, nearly two million people living in the greater Seattle area went about their daily lives as usual. A Detective Agency thought they had found a missing woman, an upstart radio station was on the air, and an eccentric banker had just started a round of golf. Thousands were driving on freeways, shopping in malls, awaiting flights, working in downtown high-rises, and on buses in the bus tunnel.

They knew -- they just didn't believe it could happen to them.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Black Hole Radio

Do you believe in black holes, wormholes, wrinkles in time? Are you interested in space travel and alien encounters that lead to amazing adventures? If not, do not open this book. If yes, get ready for a fun-filled adventure to thrill your imagination.

Fifth-graders Hawk and his best friend Matt are fascinated by outer space and its mysteries. They even have their very own space-club. Little do the boys know that they are about to get a closer look at other galaxies and universes beyond their wildest imaginations. A radio left behind by Hawk’s grandfather opens a wormhole to outerspace – one through which the two fifth-graders are transported to a planetoid in a far-off galaxy. But can our heroes defeat the Boogers from Boogernaut and learn how to deal with their own bully at school? Stay tuned to Black Hole Radio!

“Black Hole Radio also sucks readers in and doesn’t let go until the story ends. The vivid descriptions will keep kids and adults entertained. [It] fuels the imagination, while also imparting an important message. It seems that even advanced intelligent alien races can be bullies and even enslave those living on other planets. Friendship, peace, and acceptance are the themes in Black Hole Radio [and] to always follow your passion and believe in yourself.”

— Entrada Publishing Review


Ivor the Imp & friends

Children's book ages 5-9

Ivor the Imp is lost and afraid, join him as he searches for safety and friendship in South Wales 


Curves By Demand: Big Girls Love Bad Boys: (A BBW Romance)


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger . . . or so I’m told.

I’ve done everything in my life to rid myself of the dark shadow that constantly plagues me. At every turn, I always find myself looking over my shoulder, wondering if he’ll be there, watching, waiting.

I put all my negative energy into something new and join the gym and while signing up I see a reflection in the glass from the street, but the moment I turn to look nothing’s there.

I know my mind isn’t deceiving me. He’s here, and he’s come for what he won’t ever have again.

Health, Nutrition, Natural Medicine and Wellness

My Journey of Completion - Body, Heart & Soul


  Beating Cancer on Your Own Terms


Everyone lives in fear of a cancer diagnosis. Aside from the pain and stress of the disease itself, the diagnosis brings with it the horror of being subjected to terrifying surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy…all of which can have side effects as bad as or worse than the disease. When Sheryl Malin was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wasn’t willing to have her health ruined by US-standard cancer treatments. Instead, she and her husband went to the internet, and armed with their belief that the usual prescribed course of action wasn’t right for Sheryl, they discovered highly effective alternative treatments being used in Europe and in Mexico. This is the story of how Sheryl beat cancer without surgery, chemo, or radiation. Through her daily journal, which she also shared online as a blog with readers who followed her journey of hope, Sheryl charts her progress. With information ranging from the types of alternative treatments available to the necessity of lifestyle changes to stay healthy, Sheryl’s amazing memoir is a radiant beacon of possibility for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Her message always remains that how you treat your illness should be your choice. Everyone is unique, and it’s your right to trust the wisdom of your body and mind to choose the path that is best for you. Follow Sheryl on the road to recovery…and learn about the innovative options available when you start thinking outside the box.

Fiction & Literature

The Bootlegger's Mistress

Carrie Lacey's happy upbringing is seemingly immune from the pressures of growing up Black in rural South Carolina during the Great Depression. But life changes when her mother and six siblings are forced from their Anderson home, leaving Carrie and her father, Hallie.

While working for White businessman Tommy Joe Butler-a bootleg liquor dealer-Carrie becomes aware of the depth of her father's campaign to change the lives of African Americans. He is using some of the strategies of the Underground Railroad, the nonviolent system of freeing slaves in pre-Civil War America to achieve his mission. Her childhood friend, Nappy Eddie, attempts to keep the truth from Carrie, but to no avail. When Butler and Hallie continue to disagree over property ownership, the seventeen-year old departs Anderson in frustration.

During her travels, Carrie encounters her alter ego, Dicie Caughman, commencing an odyssey that spans nearly eighty years and numerous locales, including life-enriching stops in Jacksonville, Florida and Newark, New Jersey. Carrie, in the form of Dicie, lives a good life as a nationally respected media mogul, though it is marked with deep-rooted secrets from her past life in South Carolina.

The Bootlegger's Mistress embodies the essence of The Great Migration-
the decades-long movement of six million African Americans from the racially oppressive South to the purportedly economic opportunity-laden North during much of the twentieth century.


Overpower Oceans: 7 Leadership Principles that Crush Your Most Powerful Mental Barriers

Overpower Oceans is the Easiest Way to Never be the One in Life or Death Battles with Competitors

Overpower Oceans is the First and Only Leadership Book detailing the Leadership Principles you must embrace to overcome the most powerful barriers to your leadership success.

It's not just a book. It's pathway to success for even the most anxiety filled people you know.

Why Overpower Oceans is the "Must Have" Leadership Development Release

Who are the true leaders? Can anyone lead?  What if I have severe anxiety?  Can I still lead? Leadership isn’t owned by position, title, or given as a birth gift. It’s developed through a conscious and subconscious effort of a lifetime. 

"The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born -- that there is a genetic factor to leadership. This myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That's nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born." --Warren G. Bennis

When you become the boss, you don’t become a leader.  You must become the Master of Leadership principles that drive you and your team.  When you can live by these principles, you hit the peak of leadership where you influence more than just those you can see and touch. Your experience and guidance is demanded from others because of how you lead.

With incredible stories, humor and drama, Wayne Sharer each of these principles of leadership and how they work together to enable even the most anxiety-filled people to become incredibly good leaders.  You discover how to master each principle and elevate to a more prominent, persuasive, valued, and successful leader.


Zorah and the Very Big Question


When Zorah's teacher asks the class what they want to be when they grow up, Zorah realizes that she doesn’t have a clue. In fact, Zorah thinks the more important question is, what CAN she be? Follow Zorah on her journey to discover all the things she can be, from a lawyer or scientist to a ballerina or even president of the United States! 

Parents and children of all ages will be inspired by this tale’s message of girl power and the importance of representation.

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Logan and Friends: Learning the 1,2,3s

Logan and Friends: Learning the 1,2,3s is an educational book that is written to help children learn basic counting skills. It is also a basic introduction to colors. Follow Logan as he travels throughout his neighborhood, finding a plethora of things to count in his community. So don't wait! Join Logan in his adventure! Come get to know Logan and his friends.

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JoJo KNOWS Cooking

Cooking isn’t for everyone and it definitely isn’t for JoJo. It’s not that she can’t cook, it’s that she doesn’t KNOW how to cook. Chase enters JoJo into a YouTube contest hosted by hisfavorite celebrity chef, Chef Razia Sabour. Chef Razia is looking for “The Worst Cook in America” but it will not be easy to win. You must be the worst. Like…the worst. With Brian extinguishing fires, Chase helping JoJo with the contestextinguishing fires, Chase helping JoJo with the contestrules, and support and encouragement from them both…will it be enough to be crowned “The Worst Cook in America”? Only JoJo KNOWS. Join the Schlossenberg family and Chef Razia Sabour and her family (Mike, Layla and Rae) in JoJo KNOWS Cooking.JoJo KNOWS chronicles the fast paced and exhilarating life of Brian, Jovanna aka JoJo; and ChaseSchlossenberg as they navigate their way towards what will eventually become as they navigate their way towards what will eventually become their blended family. On what would later be realized as “La Bella Luna” Brian meets a fun, quirky, energetic, sweet-spirited,happy and full of spunk JoJo. Their energetic, adventurous and spontaneous natures combined with an awesome and amazing kid makes for who KNOWS? JoJo KNOWS!

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