Color Me American

This series of books is about belonging and identity in today's World.

These books show that no matter where you come from, no matter where you were born, no matter your abilities, you are part of the amazing human race living in this global village.

All over the world, in the diaspora, in every country, in every city, there are immigrants living there from other cities and countries. These books talk about this, and how the diversity of being different can enhance our experiences. No matter who you are, no matter where you came from, you will find yourself in these pages.

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Making New Friends

This story about two little mice named Jake and Buddy is sure to delight little ones. One day the mice are feeling particularly lonely and the old routine is just not enough. Jake comes up with a brilliant idea about how they could escape to the cottage with their human family. The story unfolds with how they go about this and have adventure, fun, and find new friends along the way. The themes of loneliness, friendship, and acceptance of those who are different are captured in the story in a fun way. By the end of the story, children are sure to fall In love with Jake and Buddy and their new mouse friends, Chalkie and Ginger. Children will come to understand what it means to be a friend. The illustrations are heart-warming and will appeal to children. The language is simple and after a few readings children are sure to recognize many words. Parents, grandparents, teachers and librarians, are sure to delight in reading this book to and with the little ones in their lives. Don't miss out on the fun!


Rudy and the Snow Goblins

Encouraged by their mother to put aside their video games, Chandler and Joey embark upon a grand adventure outdoors and meet a magical elf named Rudy. The three quickly became involved in pursuit of the dreaded Snow Goblins, who have robbed food from the citizens of the elf kingdom. However, the boys come to recognize the hardships suffered by the starving Snow Goblins and show Rudy the importance of not judging others too quickly and the true value of friendship.


Marvelous Masks

New book about masks is a must read for kids!

Marvelous Masks is a timely children's book by author/illustrator, Nicole Billick, that makes masks more relatable and less scary for young children

Do you know any little ones who are wary of wearing masks because of COVID-19 or know any who are wondering why everyone suddenly seems to be wearing masks? Have you been trying to find a way to make your young children comfortable wearing a mask without feeling strange or anxious? Have an upcoming event or travel where your child will have to wear a mask? Then Marvelous Masks is for you!

Marvelous Masks is a timeless, fun and beautifully hand-drawn story that explains how masks have been part of our world for a LONG time -- not just because of the coronavirus pandemic. In this charming story, a group of animal friends looks at all different kinds of masks, and shows just how cool and fun (and important!) wearing masks can be. And all in rhyme! Parents, grandparents and teachers can use this book as a tool to help explain why we all need to wear masks sometimes -- from cowboys, to doctors, baseball catchers, astronauts, chemists...and even superheroes and witches!

Inspired by her own young children, the author hopes that this lighthearted story helps take some of your child's stress out of needing to wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's make masks less scary and more relatable for young children!

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Why The Mandiaka Laughs!

Why The Mandiaka Laughs! is a tale about personal beauty, self-worth and hope for each new day of your life.  It is the story of the Mandiaka, a mythical African bird who is transformed by an encounter with its creator at a moment of sadness and rejection.

It is a wonderful conversation starter with children about beauty and worth and what we can do to make ourselves more beautiful and how to value ourselves more each day.  It is a hopeful story about the beauty that can be discovered in us individually and collectively each and every day.

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Gurgle Gurgle Splat!

Pee-Wee the monkey and Panya the mouse tell the story of a little girl who cooks a huge pot of her favorite lunch for all the neighborhood children. Things get overheated and then an explosion!  What will happen to Pee-Wee and Panya? 

Your young reader learns what kids in Kigoma Village, Tanzania eat, and how they care for each other.  Teaching diversity through humor and imagination children enjoy the laughs while reading Gurgle Gurgle Splat over and over. Kids are the same all over the world they want to have FUN!


Angry Memi and little Leo

Did you know that childen's anger is like a time bomb?

Memi is a nice girl but sometimes she loses her temper...

It can be really hard for her to control hot emotions until, one day, mom shows her a simple trick to manage her anger.

A funny illustrated book could be a powerful tool to help children learn self-regulation hacks.


  • Teach children to identify their needs

  • Help kids to manage emotions and feelings

  • Help children to learn valuable skills

  • Angry isn't always a bad emotion

  • Find out the EXTRA TRICKS inside "Angry Memi and little Leo"!!!!

    The new children's book series "Memi life Skills" is geared to toddler, children and kids 3 5.

    Perfect for teachers,parents and counselors as kindergarten and preschool books.

    Each book deals with a specific topic (e.g.anxiety, anger...) suggesting tricks and exercises to improve children's life skills.


Three Best Buddies

Three Best Buddies - Summer Adventure in Guyana is the 3rd series in this collection. This story is aimed at children ages 7 - 11 and it talks about how three friends learn the act of kindness and love towards others. No matter if you grew up without much, you can still be a good person and learn to help each other. This is what humanity teaches us and this is what this collection teaches children. That despite race, gender or spiritual beliefs we must learn how to live in kindness towards one another.


Caleb’s Adventures with Granddad

Caleb and Granddad are best friends and love to go on big adventures! From deep-sea fishing to slaying dragons, all they need is a backyard and their imaginations. But when Caleb starts to grow up and spend more time with his friends, Granddad wonders if they'll have another adventure.

Filled with vivid illustrations and a heartwarming story for readers of all ages which reminds us that no one is ever too old to go on another adventure.

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Mr. Inker Finds a Home

Mr. Inker Finds a Home

A unique idea - a talking pen. In an age where cell phones seem most kids’ friends, the author resuscitates the original means of communication:  the pen! A talking writing utensil becomes an immigrant boy’s best friend. Immigrant children will like reading a book about themselves combined with a little fun and magic. Not only will they learn to read, but have fun at the same time. Mr. Inker will bring smiles to immigrant and American children alike. The story may even cause a chuckle or two. Teachers and parents will appreciate what the book offers young readers.

     * Book 2 available Fall 2020 - Mr. Inker Goes to School *

Mr. Inker Finds a Home

Level #3 Reader

Grade Level: Kindergarten – 6

Paperback: 44 pages

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches

Print - $6.99 USA, $10.99 CANADA

Kindle $2.99

Audiobook - sample available

ISBN-10: 1647648807

ISBN-13: 978-1647648800


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