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From the emptiness- Austere time of the crystal

O.T. Babalola debut novel from the emptiness is a fantasy tale between multiple dimensions where the world of two different existences faces adversaries that challenge their continued future. The book tells the story ‘From the Emptiness’ starting from the time when Zeus and Hades existed together as brother and the power that turned them away from each other. Also told is the story of ‘The Austere Time of the Crystal’ where the lives of young mortals are rattled and attacked by a greater power.

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Silvio Santoro, a Jet Company owner, moved to a new town, where he met John Brice, a family catering business owner. He was immediately attracted to his oldest daughter Kimberly. Both Silvio and Kimberly had been in previous relationships that had ended on hostile terms.

As time goes by, Silvio and Kimberly's friendship turns into romance. But, little did they know about their exes’ past and present horrendous acts, which will bring negative effects and occurrences on their relationship, almost ending the love they shared. Silvio then finds out about a devastating tragedy that involved his family that was unbeknownst to him, bringing even more devastation.

The countless suffering and tragedy continue to be brought upon them and their loved ones around them. With all of the continuous endangering ordeals they all have to endure and overcome, there is only one question that remains on all of their minds: How much longer will they have to undergo all the hardships in their lives? And, will the one or ones prompting it ever be stopped?

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Growing up in New York, Debbie Lytle Meads had gone through traumatic sexual abuse and forced into prostitution during her teenage years by two drug dealers. After telling her brother, Leon, he kills the dealers and is sentenced to life in prison.

At eighteen, she marries her and Leon’s older mutual friend, Allan Meads, and they move to New Jersey. But Brian, the drug dealer’s younger brother, finds them and threatens to take Debbie back to New York if Allan doesn’t sell drugs for him. Allan gets cancer and dies and Brian starts beating her because of her refusal to go back to New York.

Debbie takes a photo of Allan to his sister, Josephine, who knew nothing about his existence and who was in a clashing marriage to Samuel Palts. Soon after, Samuel gets an annulment of their marriage. Time goes by, and Debbie and Samuel fall in love. But their relationship is hampered by Tanya, an old friend of Samuel, and by Brian, who wants Debbie back in New York at all costs.

Debbie decides to take things into her own hands to try and end the troubles and turmoil that Tanya and Brian are causing in her life. But how far will she go to get her life back on track and save the love she shares with Samuel?

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In the 19th century, the Ottoman Empire is a dominating force on the Balkan peninsula. The frequent unrest gives rise to the Haiduk gangs – organized gatherings of Slavic villagers who fight against the oppression and violence in their area.

Sirma has spent the first 18 years of her life as a happy and hardworking Slavic girl in her quiet mountain village. Until she loses her two best friends to a gang of outlaws. The village elders don’t do anything, because they fear the wrath of Amza Bei – the head outlaw in the area.

Fed up with hiding and keeping silent, Sirma dresses up like a man and takes the lead of her own Haiduk gang dedicated to protecting the weak. She will stand face to face with Amza Bei and end his tyranny once and for all. But the road she has chosen is long and full of hurdles. Will she survive living and fighting in the mountain? Will she keep her gang from becoming outlaws themselves? And will her comrades accept her once they find out she is a woman?

This is a historical fiction novel about a real historical figure.

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The Rage, book two of All the Silences

In the Rage, book two of All the Silences, the Germans have consolidated their hold over Paris. The apparently benign cooperation of the early days gives way to brutal force on the part of the occupier. The fledgling Résistance gathers in strength. Adolescents are no longer content to scrawl Vs for Victory on walls and tear up posters. Many of them want action.

Julie suffers a deep trauma, which makes her even more determined to fight the Nazis. The task of leading Jewish children and downed airmen to the non-occupied zone becomes riskier. She has several narrow escapes. Still pursued by the SS officer, Kurt Meinhard, Julie has to leave Paris. François, now seventeen and still impulsive, ends up in trouble. He and his sister Pierrette, together with their cousin and friends form a group, which represent the resisting youth of the time.

The acrimony between Bernard and his pro-Vichy wife escalates. She considers denouncing him. His réseau becomes endangered. There is a Gestapo spy in one of the cells. The traitor is exposed and dealt with, but the Gestapo now knows too much.

After the Vel d’Hiv raid in July 1942, public opinion, until then complacent, shifts toward anger and the Résistance, despite the awful death toll of hostages. The prevalent anti-Semitic feelings are eroded as repression increases.

The de Montregard family endures privations and heartaches with resilience and determination.

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The Glass Knight

A cataclysmic pole shift has reduced the Earth almost back to stone age times. It has taken decades to claw back much of the Old Order technology, and that has not always led to progress in the right direction.

The story unfolds in an unforgiving terrain populated by humanoid products of genetic engineering, newly evolved creatures and two diverse cults, one that has perfected the art of telepathy and the other the manipulation of energy and an unquestioning belief in their farseer’s prophecies.

A community of scientists and traditionalist makes for an oasis of calm, but this calm is temporary. Saffy, one of its most prominent members,

and her step-sister, Varney, are taken captive by an escaped prisoner and his companion, a high priest of one of the sects. This sets in motion a kaleidoscope of events in which Saffy faces physical, mental and emotional challenges that take her almost to breaking point.

            Everything she holds true is challenged. Can she piece together the shards of truth and so unravel the meaning behind The Glass Knight prophecy?

            Written in an easy style with a dry sense of humour, this novel has many layers for you to unravel.

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The Wisdom of Youth in the Age of Wolves

What if you find yourself in a land ....

- Governed by elders who exploit wisdom.

- Governed by the conflicts for control and influence.

- Where you will be the prey.

- Where the ruler is submissive to humiliation he made by himself.

- That is subdued by oppression and injustice.

- Where your death be the others fun.


Land of Wolves

A helpless wolf... weak among the other

wolves, everyone saw him like that. He couldn’t be a peer to his colleagues; even during the time of fun and playing, he was just a spectator. No one sought his company, he was really forgotten.

One day this wolf decided to emigrate and escape from the community of his tribe because his inherent physical features could not qualify him to live in the land of wolves. He was not strong enough to live under the forest law “survival of the strongest”, and he knew very well that he could be their next victim. So, he was always talking to himself about finding a way to make him a worthwhile person one day since he wasn’t able to face or be a peer to his fellow wolves. He didn’t find any other solution except escape… Maybe, he would find what he kept looking for someday in another place.

As the wolf mentioned in our story was weak and no one was afraid of him whether old or young, he did not have any ability to challenge even the youngest wolf. Everyone avoided his company, so he secluded himself alone, wishing to be happy one day. So, he sat down, watching and dreaming that he would be a king one day and all the wolves are loyal to him. He sat down, feeling depressed and talking to himself saying: What am I going to do? I cannot live among those wolves… I don’t belong to this land, nor to the wolves living in it... The only choice I have is to escape and search for a place where I can live, a place where I can find someone who fears me and who seeks to satisfy me… My life here is impossible; all of them know my limited abilities, therefore they don’t care about me, as if I were not there among them or belonging to their community… I am a worthless person among this unjust community.

He decided to go away and immigrate to a land that he heard about, instead of this land that he cursed, and he got ready for this and drew a plan in his mind.

He waited for one day when the wolves were coming back with a great hunt, he made use of their involvement in eating after they finished a hunt trip in the darkness where every wolf has a task to perform… except him because no one trusted his abilities. After the wolves got together around the feast to celebrate their hunt, the wolf seized the opportunity and withdrew far away stealthily. No one felt his presence or cared about him, so he moved away quickly towards the borders. He moved away searching for a way to get out of this land guarded by wolves that are not afraid of dangers.

The wolf walked a very long distance until he reached the borders, and there he was stopped by the border guard-wolves; one of them asked him: “where are you going, weak wolf?”

He said: “I am in a reconnaissance mission to search for new places or new settlements for preys, as I was ordered by the leader of the flock, and all of them are now together around the booty that the leader has brought from his hunting trip today… it is such a big and delicious feast, and the herd are surrounding it… they are waiting for you there to share them the food”. The wolf drooled, and so did the other wolves with him. They thought that the leader intended to send him away from the feast, so they left him alone and hurried up to share the food with all the wolves.

The wolf sat down on the borders with puzzled eyes, thinking about the consequences of his own decision before leaving the borders. He asked himself: Should he leave or return...? If he leaves, he will go to the unknown… If he goes back, he will return to his inevitable fate. He previously lied, so he knew for sure that the leader would know about that when he looks for him, and then he will never get away with his deed.

When the idea of being a victim came to his mind, he stood up immediately... He made up his mind; he turned his back to his old land and took the first step towards the new land ahead of him.

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Letters from Federica

An outstanding mystery. The protagonist is Leo Orsini a talented performance artist and songwriter, who at the age of six met the girl next door, the girl whom he would love for all his life, the beautiful Federica Russo.

Theirs was a true love story, however, it was one which was to be cut short cruelly just two weeks after their wedding, forty years before this story begins.

Leo is a generous man who has loved, drunk and eaten to excess all of his life. Surrounded by friends, he has a successful career, lives in a beautiful castle, and has found love again in the form of William, a sensitive and compassionate heart surgeon. He appears to have it all, yet he is still haunted by Federica’s disappearance.

Herself a singer, musician, and songwriter, Federica had left a series of letters to him, poems in which she expresses her deep love for him, yet also her fears. But what can she be afraid of, what demon was lurking in the shadows of her mind? How could she the happy, beautiful wife he married, in just a few days turn into a haunted woman who then disappears?

These questions torment Leo, and he is racked with guilt wondering if there were things he should have noticed or done. Then, following a private reading of the letters to his close friends’ it is decided to investigate further.

As they delve into the true meanings of the letters and re-live their memories of Federica, secrets from the past are revealed, and it becomes apparent that she is trying to protect Leo, but from what?

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Anuk: Book of Words


Book of Words

Book 2 of the Adventures of Anuk Series

Adorable Assisi Human Anuk, the exploring equine human hybrid, embarks on a second life-changing journey to save the Orb’s animal beings from extinction. Guided by the mystical, priceless, and powerful Book of Words, Anuk and her faithful crew risk everything trekking to the underside of the Orb. With her loyal friends and new mentors, Anuk learns leadership as she confronts harsh truths of humanity, love, and loss while navigating the joyful journey to personal power. Anuk discovers that it takes a universe to unite the Orb’s animal beings.

By communicating from the soul with the Poach, the exterminators and life-long enemies of the animal beings, Anuk forges new alliances between human beings and animal beings.

It has been six years since teenage explorer Anuk and her faithful animal being friends chased her destiny, crossing continents through a perilous post-apocalyptic world to the idyllic Roese Island. Now at twenty-three, a more mature Anuk is prompted to leave the comfort of Roese Island to bring the mystical Book of Words to the rightful owners. Risking life, limb, and liberty, Anuk and her crew of animal beings experience the wonders, secrets, and horrors of the brutal hunters whose greed destroyed entire species. Anuk: Book of Words informs, inspires, and delights in equal measure.

Suzanne Mondoux is a voice for animals ( is the author of the following:

—The Adventures of Anuk series, Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars. The First Leap is an ecological story of a young girl on a quest to save the world.

—I Believe Series coloring and activity books. This is a journey of discovery and gratitude with amazing animal beings.

—Tragedy of the Moth, Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars. Felicity Moss is a starlet with a tragic past. Desperate to stay out of the judgmental gaze of the limelight, she disappears from public life.

—How I Became a Dragon. A deeply affecting work of fiction based on real life experience by conservationist Heatha that charts the course of ivory trafficking from the fierce assault on the elephant to its ultimate destination as a carved piece of ivory.

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The Adventures of Anuk: The first leap

The Adventures of Anuk is an ecological story of an Assisi Human on a quest to save the world.

The First Leap—Despite her curious appearance as an Assisi Human, Anuk had a normal childhood and was happy living with her adopted parents in a faraway land where three suns pass in the sky overhead. She loved collecting yamagoos berries in the fields and helping her mother run the kitchen at their inn. Then, on her sixteenth birthday, Anuk receives a summons by the messenger Aye who says it is time to return to faraway Roese Island. Though reluctant to leave her home and family, Anuk is assured by her parents that they always knew the time would come when she must leave and fulfill her destiny as an Assisi.

Two oddly unfamiliar-looking non-human beings, EagleOwl and Kinkajou, arrive to escort Aye and Anuk because the journey ahead will be arduous and fraught with danger. They will have to cross a great sea and pass through many partems, as the lands are called there. Some of these are barren regions of devastation and waste. Others are lush paradises that are not quite as they seem, for their spectacular beauty conceals lethal secrets. Anuk realizes that even if she should survive these hazards, she has no idea what awaits her at the end of the journey.

When young Anuk embarks on this enthralling adventure, she discovers the world beyond her parents’ inn is far more fantastic and dangerous than she could have imagined.

“5 Stars” (Readers’ Favorite).

Suzanne Mondoux — A Voice for Animals ( is the author of

I Believe Series coloring and activity books (a journey of discovery and gratitude with amazing animal beings);

Tragedy of the Moth (Felicity Moss is a starlet with a tragic past. Desperate to stay out of the judgmental gaze of the limelight, she disappears from public life.); and

How I Became a Dragon (A deeply affecting work of fiction based on real-life experience by conservationist Heatha that charts the course of ivory trafficking from the fierce assault on the elephant to its ultimate destination as a carved piece of ivory).

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