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I AM BOSS: Prescriptions to Manifest Your Desires

In the best selling book, I Am Boss, author Lenah Abraham draws on years of experience as a successful entrepreneur along with her passion for motivating others to offer you POWERFUL KEYS to unlock your ultimate SUCCESS and allow you to MANIFEST the life that you DESIRE. Lenah shares the secrets that have been passed down only to the elite and chosen ones. The fact that you found this book… you are chosen and are meant to discover these SECRETS – please handle with care.

CAUTION: Do not abuse the POWER and KNOWLEDGE that you will receive.

In this revolutionary self-motivation book, you will learn proven and powerful methods for manifesting MONEY, HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, SUCCESS and HAPPINESS:

• First, you will learn how to delete the old ‘you’, and eliminate obstacles, fear, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, negativity and bad habits; replacing them with power, strength and confidence - creating the best version of you

• Learn how to manifest anything you want – a hidden secret formula revealed

• Learn how to have every situation always work out in your favor

• Utilize the power of your own mind to achieve success, money, power, connections, confidence, love, peace, wealth, health and ultimate joy

• Attain the secrets, mantras, affirmations and prescriptions handed down personally from God

Use the Keys of Success very carefully – these are the secrets of Billionaires, Kings, and Queens. Only a few notorieties were given these hidden tools. Some were passed down, and some were hidden in writings. You are receiving these life-changing secrets so that YOU can prosper. When we go through trials, it’s simply because we need to re-direct our paths and follow the tools God has given us. If we obey these methods and prescriptions, we can have what we desire - a Beautiful Life!

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Dog Walk Talk; While I'm Walking, God's Talking

Dog Walk Talk: while I’m walking, God’s talking is a collection of anecdotes about a variety of real-life issues written from a Christian perspective. In each, the author presents the issue, sometimes using humor, shares his life examples, and then engages the reader with directed questions about the topic to provide an opportunity for introspection. Each is followed by appropriate biblical citations to provide the reader with further study should they choose to do so.

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Mafia Ties - The Greek Syndicates


by Nick Christophers

For past generations, we’ve been intrigued and mesmerized by the hidden roots of the “Cosa Nostra”. While the infamous life of the Italian Mafia, has been the forefront of these stories, there is a hidden gem of an untold organization of world domination crime, "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", organized criminal groups well-entrenched in the largest Greek urban centers.

The silent partners of the mob world, have operated internationally for decades, and have been instrumental in many ways. Yet only known of behind the closed doors with the traditional mafia. The ice-breaking thriller, "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", takes you behind those closed doors on a historical and terrifying journey, of this crime syndicate.

The names of Spiro Velentzas, Willie Kazonis, and Harry Peetros, traditionally are not the household names that come to mind, when we think “Mafia.” The front-page legacies of John Gotti, Jimmy Coonan, Tony Accardo, Angelo Bruno, and Jerry Angulio, have had mobster fans captivated for generations and all have worked with the Greek crime element. But behind the veil of Mafia secrecy lies an old-world culture of Mafia, the untold story of the other godfather’s, from Philadelphia to Athens. 

Within the pages of, "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", is a raw and captivating look in the window of their organizations that stems from Greece across the oceans to Australia and into Canada. A shadowy crime element that has remained an unpublished tale, until now. 

Within the pages of this book are personalized accounts and stories from leaders, and mobsters, who’ve worked with the "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", including FBI recordings that depict brutal imagery into their operations, and connections to various Italian and Irish Mafia families.

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The Watchers Book One In The Valleys of the Earth

Mild-mannered Xenoarcheologist Dr. Alec Coimhead and his best friend, Dr. Clemy Armistead, are certain that they have just found the ancient location of an apocryphal battle between demons and angels. Whisked away on a rollicking adventure, Alec finds himself under the watchful eye of Rafe, a taciturn mountain of a man with a mysterious past.


Working with the enigmatic Praesidium, which claims to have protected humanity for generations, Alec clashes with his ethereally handsome bodyguard. As the New Watchers pursue the rambunctious pair across the globe, Alec and Rafe will have to battle ancient terrors and mythical creatures come to life. Racing to the ancient tomb of a fallen angel, Alec and Rafe may lose it all - and each other - to save the world.   The Watchers:  In The Valleys Of The Earth is the first book in an MM Action Adventure paranormal romance series.  The only thing more dangerous than their their enemies!

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Casper's Game

Bell Casper is running a stealthy game in the Blue Parrot, a swanky bar in Manhattan catering to wealthy pleasure seekers. The game seems shady, and maybe it is. Leticia pretends to be his assistant. She's twenty-four and Bell's twenty-seven. Their relationship isn’t clear. Gigi is a pretty blonde, twenty-five years old. She also works out of the bar, running her own racket. She's attracted to Bell, but she can't understand why Bell and Leticia are together, or what his game is all about. She's determined to unravel both mysteries.


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Bullied Inc

Lizzie, an investigative reporter for the New York Times, is investigating her former best friend, Rahul's company for worker's abuse. She feels conflicted and guilty she has to do a hit piece on her friend. Her investigation would surely ruin her friend's reputation and business. After a terrible day at work, she gets a chance encounter with her former high school classmate, handsome yet humble Christopher, who is now a big Hollywood movie star.

They go to dinner to catch up with their lives. Lizzie realizes that Christopher could be the love of her life and Christopher realizes the same thing. In the heat of the moment, they share a memorable kiss.

The only thing is, they are both engaged to other people.

Lizzie regrets her lost opportunity with Christopher. She also regrets the dark path that her friend, Rahul has taken. 

Suddenly, an opportunity is presented to her through a wish-granting fortune cookie.

Lizzie makes a wish to turn back time so she can somehow change her past-- save her friend Rahul from turning into a bad guy and also to tell Christopher how she truly feels about him. 

She was only given one chance to change her future. Will she succeed?

Follow Lizzie as she goes back in time to high school 1999 in this entertaining, charming time travel, standalone romance. Meet Lizzie's quirky yet adorable friends as she tries to navigate high school all over again. Follow her as she deals with bullying at school. 

Reminisce about the time before cellphones were popular, mixed tapes, scrunchies, malls, The Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears.

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Leading in Chaos: Insights to Lead through the Storms

The events and management insights described in Leading in Chaos are more relevant than ever. Managers from the front line to the boardroom may be dealing with fellow employees and colleagues in the grips of opioid addiction on a regular basis. Partisan politics has permeated every part of our lives, including the work place and navigating the political waters as a manager today truly takes conviction and fortitude. Through true stories, Leading in Chaos covers opioid addiction, extreme bullying, political assassination and much more.

A quick and entertaining read, Leading in Chaos will make you realize that the mundane employee problems are manageable!

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From the emptiness- Austere time of the crystal

O.T. Babalola debut novel from the emptiness is a fantasy tale between multiple dimensions where the world of two different existences faces adversaries that challenge their continued future. The book tells the story ‘From the Emptiness’ starting from the time when Zeus and Hades existed together as brother and the power that turned them away from each other. Also told is the story of ‘The Austere Time of the Crystal’ where the lives of young mortals are rattled and attacked by a greater power.

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Silvio Santoro, a Jet Company owner, moved to a new town, where he met John Brice, a family catering business owner. He was immediately attracted to his oldest daughter Kimberly. Both Silvio and Kimberly had been in previous relationships that had ended on hostile terms.

As time goes by, Silvio and Kimberly's friendship turns into romance. But, little did they know about their exes’ past and present horrendous acts, which will bring negative effects and occurrences on their relationship, almost ending the love they shared. Silvio then finds out about a devastating tragedy that involved his family that was unbeknownst to him, bringing even more devastation.

The countless suffering and tragedy continue to be brought upon them and their loved ones around them. With all of the continuous endangering ordeals they all have to endure and overcome, there is only one question that remains on all of their minds: How much longer will they have to undergo all the hardships in their lives? And, will the one or ones prompting it ever be stopped?

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Growing up in New York, Debbie Lytle Meads had gone through traumatic sexual abuse and forced into prostitution during her teenage years by two drug dealers. After telling her brother, Leon, he kills the dealers and is sentenced to life in prison.

At eighteen, she marries her and Leon’s older mutual friend, Allan Meads, and they move to New Jersey. But Brian, the drug dealer’s younger brother, finds them and threatens to take Debbie back to New York if Allan doesn’t sell drugs for him. Allan gets cancer and dies and Brian starts beating her because of her refusal to go back to New York.

Debbie takes a photo of Allan to his sister, Josephine, who knew nothing about his existence and who was in a clashing marriage to Samuel Palts. Soon after, Samuel gets an annulment of their marriage. Time goes by, and Debbie and Samuel fall in love. But their relationship is hampered by Tanya, an old friend of Samuel, and by Brian, who wants Debbie back in New York at all costs.

Debbie decides to take things into her own hands to try and end the troubles and turmoil that Tanya and Brian are causing in her life. But how far will she go to get her life back on track and save the love she shares with Samuel?

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