My Pig Valve and I

Priscilla had a pig valve installed, which lasted many years longer than expected



EMPOWERMENT: LiL Sistahs, Listen Up!! Paperback -

by Laura Simmons (Author), Sharon Brownlie (Illustrator), Sherley Delma (Photographer). This is an excellent book for young ladies ages 10 to 18, as it provides a very powerful list of guidelines to help young ladies become empowered women. It talks about Peer Pressure, Money, Relationships, Education, Leadership, etc....Author Laura Simmons and friends share the true path to leadership, and provide insight into how to apply themselves through application of timeless information by their own life experiences. PURCHASE NOW! 


Hey Girl! Amazing Secrets To Making The Most of Your Teenage Years.

Life is a gift! Life is an opportunity. Growing up as a young person can be challenging. But you don’t have to build your life on memories of pain and regret. Your time as a teenager and young adult can be used effectively to lay a strong foundation for your life as you grow into adulthood. You are not too young to take responsibility for your life. You can create the YOU that makes you proud.

In this book, we will

● Help you understand why your years as a teenager and young adult are important● Show you how you can create your identity

● Help you understand the importance of having dreams and pursuing them

● Help you understand the importance of forming the right associations

● Teach you how to be confident and stand out in your difference

This book educates and empowers young girls and women to embrace their uniqueness and reach their potential. It provides girls with the knowledge they need in their journey to adulthood. My sincere wish is that no girl should be ignorant. When equipped with the information and life skills found in this book, girls everywhere will grow into strong, self-sufficient women who are resilient in the face of life challenges.


"The information in this book is needed to shape our society, it is the solution to countless problems in our world. The writer went straight to the root of the identity crisis in females and proffered solutions. Please, do not get carried away by the title of this book; Hey Girl! This book is not for female teenagers alone. I recommend this book to adults, men and women alike because they need to be adequately informed and prepared to direct the girl child in her teenage years and I have not come across any other book to help make the job easy than this. Read it, and make it a gift to teenage girls, and recommend it, other adults. The strength of any structure is determined by its foundation, so is the entire life of a woman shaped by how well she navigated her teenage years. So, girl, if you are opportune to have this book in your hands right now, consider yourself lucky. I recommend that you read this book over and over, reflect on its content and accurately answer the test questions. This book should be with you as a handbook for life. Be encouraged to share its contents with your friends as well. Special thanks to the author for this gift to the world.

Victoria-Ann Osigwe

"I found this well-writer self-development book to be a wonderful example of a project that aims to and achieves in uplifting, encouraging and empowering the reader. The author did a masterful job in breaking down broad, and sometimes daunting, topics such as identity, personal development, relationships, sexuality and goal setting in a way that is very accessible and should be easy to understand for the intended audience. I especially enjoyed the chapters that looked into understanding the value in oneself and the one about how to set goals and form discipline to pursue and achieve your dreams. the points and explanations the author gave were practical and very applicable; the personal anecdotes from the author as well as examples of other successful and inspiring women in the real-world help to put into perspective how achievable dreams are and how powerful the reader truly is. Also, the reflection sections at the end of each chapter give a good moment of pause for processing and truly digesting what has been learned. All in all, I highly enjoyed reading this book, and while it is marketed to girls in their teen years, I believe any woman of any age and background could benefit from reading it if at least just to encourage themselves and remind themselves that they are valuable, strong and worthy of love, success and greatness. I learned a lot from it and I found myself remembering vital messages that can be applied to my own life while reading this book. Overall, I truly believe those who go on to read it after me will gain something valuable from it also."

Ife Disu


Awaken Your Destiny: The Biblical Journey From Faith to Success

Awaken Your Destiny is a Christian, biblically rooted book about unlocking your potential and living out your destiny. 

  • How many times did you feel that you are not living the life you were designed to live?

  • How many times you got frustrated when you saw others following their calling and reaching their place of destiny?

  • How many times have you lost your patience and trust in God and so forfeited your blessing?

  • How many times you got caught in a cozy comfort zone and lost sight of the important things?

In Awaken Your Destiny you will learn that life was never meant to be a daily survival routine. 

You were not designed for an ordinary, frustration-filled life. You were created to thrive.  

On this journey, you will follow in the footsteps of Bible characters who modeled the way before you. The lessons you learn as you read their stories make up your roadmap for success. From Abraham to Jesus, the Scripture is nothing less than a captivating journey to God’s promises! 


POEMS OF FOUR COLORS: Experience Four Colors of Life.

The poet will grab your attention, educate, and entertain you; with his wonderful poems. Furthermore, he will help you comprehend; that life experiences correlate with colors. Additionally, if you research the meanings of colors. You will comprehend the aforementioned. In conclusion, you will enjoy this volume one of his poems. 


Job's Devil. The business man who rumbled with the Devil and won.

This amazing book, will give you the Biblical account; of how Job was able to overcome Satan. Moreover, it help you understand the Devil's tactics: overtly and convertly. Additionally, it will motivate you to persevere in our Faith. 


Job's Devil. The business man who rumbled with the Devil and won.

This amazing book, will give you the Biblical account; of how Job was able to overcome Satan. Moreover, it will give you a spiritual lense to understand Satan's tactics: overtly and convertly. Additionally, it will give you the motivation to persevere in the Faith. 


Leading in Chaos: Insights to Lead through the Storms

The events and management insights described in Leading in Chaos are more relevant than ever. Managers from the front line to the boardroom may be dealing with fellow employees and colleagues in the grips of opioid addiction on a regular basis. Partisan politics has permeated every part of our lives, including the work place and navigating the political waters as a manager today truly takes conviction and fortitude. Through true stories, Leading in Chaos covers opioid addiction, extreme bullying, political assassination and much more.

A quick and entertaining read, Leading in Chaos will make you realize that the mundane employee problems are manageable!


A Spiritual Soul Book

This book of 312 chapters is an elixir for the spirit and calibrator of the soul, digging deep into the recesses of each individual soul to bring out the authentic spirituality which resides within. Based on Jewish tradition and influenced by the wisdom of Kabbalah, Talmud, and Chassidism. This text is situated at the intersection of self-help, Judaism, psychology, mysticism, numerology, and certainly philosophy. For those who wish to rid their lives of anxiety and depression, to find joy and gratitude, and to strengthen their faith and trust in God, this book is guaranteed to transform any reader into a better, happier version of him or herself. There are stories and lots of stimulation for the mind and soul.Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui has already published a comprehensive book of ethics and laws based on Maimonides Mishneh Torah and has served the Jewish Community of Palm Beach Florida for over 33 years. 

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Businessman With An Affliction

Many self-help books will try to sell you their version of "the secret" to life or success. Anas Hamshari admits there is no secret and the only goal should be contentment. Being content does not mean settling for less or becoming stagnant, but rather understanding how to achieve more in life by living within your means.

In this short novel about Hamshari's rise to both personal and financial success, he teaches the reader that not being handed things in life is not a curse, but a blessing. Overcoming physical or societal hardships hones a person's ability to identify gaps in the marketplace as well as the strategies that work and those that don't. Hamshari also explains essential components to business, such as networking, diversifying income, and employee-employer relationships, and offers suggestions on how to navigate the choppy waters as the tide comes in.

Hardship, trial and error, self-reflection and growth are all important keys to a person's journey — not to success or wealth, but to the most important aspect of all: contentment.

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