Christian fiction/Fantasy/Time-travel

Peregrination by SG Boudreaux

Storms are wreaking havoc on the face of the earth, due to man's ever-increasing sin nature. A few select people have been chosen to traverse the earth through time and space by way of these very same storms, to try and save mankind from our own destruciton. These people are known as Peregrines. They are guided by those know as the Dragoman, whose purpose is to direct the Peregrines in missions to obtain sacred artifacts that will aid in their fight to save mankind. They must battle demons along the way, as well as face perilous dangers associated with their missions. 

All the Pererines and Dragoman have converged onto Reader's Island to prepare for the great and final battle that a select few, known as The Twelve, will have to fight in. As they train and learn how to use their new found powers they must also find five lost keys that open the recently found ancient, archival books that could hold important information for the success of their missions. 

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ASK: A Collection of Poetry, Lyrics, and Words

A transformation of eighteen-plus years in the eyes of an emotional being from age fourteen to now.

We can be anyone we want, so why do we often choose to be mirror images of those around us? This is not a book or message about finding myself or how to help others find themselves. This is a collection of time. A collection of growth on how to gain the courage to share when no one asks. We can be anyone we want, so why do we often choose to be mirror images of those around us? Why do we camouflage to seek acceptance and validation or rebel in an effort to prove a point? Many get stuck, lost, and numb. At least I did. I had to ask myself the deeper questions that I love to ask others. I had to do the work because no one else was asking. By the end, I had answers. If you read this, I hope you find the answers you’re looking for, too.

“I stopped writing when I was eighteen. Literally stopped. . . .

I was always in the place between giving up and pushing on.”

Spirituality - Travel

Revelations - photographing and telling the invisible


The book is a collection of 50 extraordinary images taken all over the world and associated to 50 descriptive quotes, to convey clearly and originally the message that nature is alive, made of an invisible energy and documented, and as such, it must be respected. 

The book, was born with the desire to simulate curiosity, to make the world be seen from a different perspective, and to make people understand the importance of the necessary respect for nature and for the environment, by using photography as a scientific means to show the connection between the material world and the natural- spiritual world. Incredible figures, surprising faces push the reader back to an extraordinary reality which is the result of deep and real photographic research, connected to the myths and legends from different parts of the world and described with attractive quotes. 

The artist Stefano Favaretto explores elements which are like bridges between the material and immaterial worlds, as myths and legends, that have always connected real or really existed elements to surreal or imaginary elements which have lain down in the collective subconscious for centuries and this doesn’t mean they are inexistent ( see the myth of Christmas or the angels). According to the artist, myths contain precious information about rites, traditions and popular beliefs, often provided by a peculiar observation of the reality. By exploring this mythical reality we can perceive as well as show, how the human being has always tried to “go beyond” and has the certainty that there is another universe we do not see. After reading about myths and legends of a place, Favaretto aims at immortalising the figures or characters described there, in order to invite travellers to go and see those places and look at them through their own eyes as well as through “different eyes”. Consequently the project becomes a stimulus to observe nature in its beauty and depth, making it part of each human being. 

The images resulting in the photographs are real and not falsified or adapted but they are the result obtained by mirroring the original picture to make the complete image that the artist has already seen while shooting. 

The quotes written by Giancarlo Cencini help the reader understand the meaning of the artworks and stimulate curiosity, to understand the natural reality with his/ her own eyes. The project can be considered a simple and didactic guide to the meaning of “respect” and to the care for nature and the planet, understandable by everybody. 


Historical Fiction, Erotica, Traditional Victorian, Suspense

Tales From The Millinery Shop ~ With A Twist

The era is 1897—1924. Miscegenation laws rule the United States, not just in the South, but in northern places like New York. Recognition of love between men and women of different races and ethnicity is abhorrent. The penalty for violating those racial norms can be death. 

Glaring lavishness, unconcealed vice, and blatant promiscuity by professional "courtesans" with men who are engaged in the "sporting life" is the norm for New Yorkers in this Gilded Age era. The over-sized posh hats worn by women are adorned with birds and their feathers. Opulent in their design and creativity, this style of hat is in great demand by women everywhere and in all walks of life; and the women who work in millinery shops constantly strive to satisfy this overwhelming demand. 

Herein are the stories of a few of those women. These are their tales of romance and mystery, of success and misfortune, from the easily understood aspects of daily life, to the unexplainable occurrences of strange incidents ... especially those involving a unique "cat." These are their stories ... in their own words.


Thirty Days and Change

If you want to stop a bad habit or start a good one, this book is for you. Even if you have tried before and failed, this book can help. 

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Humour, Animal, Veterinary

They Never Told Me That At Vet School

Newly graduated veterinary surgeon, Gwen Inskip, is searching for the perfect first practice to kickstart her career.

However, as she lurches from the sublime to the surreal (and every rollercoaster emotion in between) she soon discovers that securing a job which ticks all the boxes isn’t quite as easy as she thought.

After several unsuccessful interviews, she is finally offered a job in a busy, mixed practice in County Durham, which means a relocation from one side of the country to another.

Gwen’s quickly thrown in at the deep end and dealing with all kinds of animals and their demanding owners. She’s up to her ears (and elbows!) with the lambing and calving season, out of hours emergencies and farm visits - a little like sky-diving without knowing how to operate a parachute!

By summer she finds her feet, develops her professional relationships, and realises how important a healthy work-life balance is if she wants to continue with this stressful, emotional and physically exhausting profession she loves so much.

This captivating novel, based on some of the author’s real-life experiences and perception of the vast changes in the veterinary industry over the past 10-20 years, will have you reaching for the tissues and laughing ‘til the cows come home (literally!) in equal measure.

Delve into Gwen’s fast-paced, often grisly, animal-packed world. It really couldn’t happen to a vet.

Religious, Motivational

Moments with Jesus

A daily devotional with the unique feature of offering one central thought per week with six supporting Scriptures to build on that thought, all through the week.

Historical Fiction

The Falcon's Flight

A young Anne Boleyn and her sister are sent to Paris to attend Mary Tudor, the new Queen of France. Unclear where her loyalties should lie, Anne soon makes an enemy of the queen. When the widowed Mary returns to England, Anne stays on in France to serve the new queen, Claude, but Anne's sister's actions put the girls' new court career at risk.

A dangerous love affair follows and Anne finds an unlikely ally in the French king's mistress.

But nothing ever goes to plan...Anne Boleyn's life is threatened, intrigue, gossip and treachery abound, and her destiny is finally revealed.

The Falcon’s Flight is the second part of Natalia Richard’s vivid retelling of Anne Boleyn’s early life. Book one, The Falcon’s Rise, vividly portrayed Anne’s early life in England. The Falcon’s Flight takes us on to Anne’s ever eventful life on the continent.

Christian Spiritual Growth and Christan Living

The Master Plan Preparing for Eternity

Denise Carlton's "Master Plan" takes you through a journey of finding your purpose.

Faith. This single word carries a hefty tag for those who choose to devote their lives to the teachings and wisdom of a higher power. Mankind’s evolution has enlightened our minds and hearts yet doubt lingers in skeptics. Regardless of your personal belief, eternity beckons and it is going to be far longer than our time here on Earth.

God has a plan for each of us. Divinity teaches us to accept each other and spread His love. We, his beloved children, play a unique part in His master plan. Understanding the importance of this often falls well beyond our ability to reason, making it all the more important to come to terms with our gift of spirituality.

The Master Plan: Preparing For Eternity is a thoughtful exposition of our purpose in life and the divinity lurking within us all. Each chapter is presented in logical order to build upon our preconceived notions of God’s plan and the purpose of sending Jesus Christ among us. They are filled with important life lessons meant to be shared with all.

We must each practice these lessons daily if we are to be prepared when New Jerusalem arises. Are you ready?

Self-help and motivation

Good Vibes


Your thoughts towards yourself and others are a lot more powerful than you think. When we think, we are actually creating our own realities. Why are most of us so eager to only see the bad side of everything and everyone, while completely disregarding the silver lining? And yes, there is always a silver lining, or at the very least, a lesson to be learned. When shit hits the fan, are you just going to sit there bathing in it and feeling sorry for yourself or are you going to get up stronger and wiser?

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