The Adventures of Penelope Whipple Dimple

Meet Penelope Whipple Dimple, an adorable little red fox who includes you in her whimsical adventures. With a love for family, friends and fun, Penelope and twenty-one of her sweet woodland friends, make every day experiences in life something magically memorable! This book has the most adorable illustrations and will pull at your heartstrings with the turn of every page. Come visit Silver Bell Forest for a day of fun in The Adventures of Penelope Whipple Dimple.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

Shadow Falls

It was meant to be the perfect gift—an ancestral DNA kit. A unique gift given to my mother with love and hope. I only wanted to help us heal, to give her something that could help fill the emptiness his death had made. I never imagined this gift would cost me more than money. What secrets lie hidden in your blood? What mysteries could your DNA solve? A cryptic riddle dropped into the bottom of the kit. Questions that I had not bothered to wonder about. My family’s blood was full of secrets and mystery. Secrets that had been hidden for years. Secrets that would lead to death and pain. I had gave her with Pandora’s box. I had given her death.

Biography & Memoir

Perseverance - Beyond The Bounds Of Possibility

Author and successful businessman Achille Paladini brings readers his intensely personal autobiography, Perseverance; an epic life saga filled with both intrigue and awe-inspiring wisdom.

In mid-1950s San Francisco, the Paladini name was synonymous with seafood on the west coast, the foundation of which began with the incredible rags-to-riches story of his famous and legendary grandfather prominently titled "The Fish King," who he was posthumously named after. Achille-- "Kiki," as he's called by family and friends--grew up in the upscale Marina District of the city enjoying an affluent lifestyle. Moving to Southern California at the age of eighteen propelled him into the surreal world of Hollywood with its glitz and glamour further accelerating his fairytale life and marrying a beautiful aspiring young actress. Upon returning to San Francisco to work for the family business --a shocking and cataclysmic revelation devastated his idealistic youthful illusions, leaving him hopeless, with dismay and dire concern for the future. His success, however, did not come easily, having to face insurmountable challenges, setbacks, and debilitating heartbreak, plus impossible odds; he eventually triumphed by beholding only the virtue of perseverance.

The story contains factual experiences that most will conclude are fictional; however, everything stated is true and unembellished.


A Dressed Up Mess

Allie West has it all- a good job, tons of friends, and a small close-knit family in Atlanta. On the cusp of her success, she cashed in her charmed life and the check bounced. Now she's forced to hit restart. Midlife crisis? No, not for Allie. Life simply can't happen this way for her, so she thought. Take a trip with her as she finds herself back where it all began - at home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, literally in her parents' house, starting over at nearly fourty years old.

Putting the pieces of her life together while dealing with family dynamics isn't easy. Hometown issues she ran from years ago begin to resurface, not to mention the new ones with her children after escaping  the harassment of an evil, abusive, manipulating ex.

Allie ran form failure, inadequacy, rejection and depression and hit the mall. Sure, she's a mess, but she's a dressed up mess. Folow her as she fixes her life  or not. Are you ready?

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Theological Eschatology, Spirituality, Bible Prophecy

What Has Been Will Be Again

Russell Nickel's new book, "What Has Been Will Be Again," takes the reader on an exciting journey, discussing the critical prophetic truths behind Ecclesiastes 1:9.  THE THING THAT HATH BEEN, IT IS THAT WHICH  SHALL BE; AND THAT WHICH IS DONE IS THAT WHICH SHALL BE DONE: AND THERE IS NO NEW THING UNDER THE SUN.  Not only has history repeated itself throughout the ages, but more importantly, the events recorded in the Old Testament are prophetic pictures of what WILL again come to pass on the earth.  To discern what earth-shaking events will manifest themselves in the future, there must be a correct interpretation of historical truth.  The Old Testament stories recorded in the Bible such as The Exodus, The Flood, and the destruction of Sodom, are prophetic pictures of what will again overtake the earth.  Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  God bless, Russell Nickel.

NOTE:  Other purchase options online includes Barnes and and  The book is also availabe in Kindle at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Thanks and God bless, Rusell Nickel.


ImparTation: Change From The Way It Was To How It Will Be

Have you ever felt like you were the only one who felt a certain way? You wonder where the negative feelings are coming from, but are afraid to say anything because you do not know what people will think or say about you? The feelings are connected to a root. Something in your past happened and now unforgiveness is rooted in your heart, which has grown to a tree and is affecting every area of your life. In this 31-day devotional, Anna Bernice lets you know that you are not the only one who has had negative feelings, but she shows you what she did and still does by giving you scriptures, overviews, and prayers to meditate on so that you can uproot the tree and find freedom through Jesus Christ. Be inspired, be blessed, and remember you have already won the battle.

“But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou are converted, strengthen thy brethren” Luke 22:32 KJV.


How I Survived Working at RTD/Metro: Watch Your Back!

I started working for RTD/Metro when I was 19yrs old and after 32yrs I wanted to write about how I learned to maneuver through an adult environment that was predominately men. My book tells about my challenges and triumphs the good, bad and hilarious. My book is designed to help people avoid the pitfalls on any job. 

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Mike Pence Equally Yoked by Grace

The title of this book Mike Pence: Equally Yoked by Grace will give readers a brief background autobiography of the current vice president of the United States of America, Mike Pence. It will show his tenure as a governor of the State of Indiana, including his policies, his failures, and his success as a governor.

This also includes the challenges he faces while he tries to get his conservative agenda through a difficult political system. Mike Pence: Equally Yoked by Grace shed a light as to why a conservative politician and a man with strong Christian faith would join in alliance with then candidate Trump whom many see as lacking the political background and experience to become President of the United States. Many people also questioned the moral integrity of the then candidate Trump now President of United States just as many people questioned the reason behind why evangelicalssupport the president.

I highlighted the risk that Mr. Pence took by answering the call to be a running mate for their journey to the White House which also included their policy success and pitfalls in their administration. In this book, you will also read about how the faith of the vice president has been challenged several times as a political figure and, at the same time, trying to hold on to his values as a Christian. I see Mr. Pence as an inspiration of how to be a dedicated public servant with perseverance and discipline without letting negativity and unnecessary things hold you back. I hope readers, especially the young and upcoming political leaders, will find this encouraging and inspirational.

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Fiction & Literature


Life hasn't turned out how Danny Owen expected it to. Formerly an investigative journalist, today a radio reporter reluctantly covering celebrity and the music industry, focusing on glitz, glamour and the gaudy stars.

Danny is offered an exclusive interview with Martha, the star of the forthcoming Martha Movin' Out tour, but when he arrives at Elstree Studios he discovers that rehearsals are not going well. Not suspicious initially, but then things take a dire turn when he learns that Martha has disappeared. With the concert tour potentially in ruins, Danny and occasional lover Daisy DeVilliers, the tour's PR, team up beyond the call of duty in an effort to find Martha and rescue the tour.

Soon Danny and Daisy are unwittingly inveigled into the murky world of people smuggling, blackmail and international organised crime. They pick their way through a minefield where one wrong move could not only blow the rescue attempts but could also end their own lives. In a duplicitous world where people show only their best side, trusting the wrong person could be the last thing they ever do.

Mystery & Suspense

Game of Twins

Suzanne Delacroix, Atlanta’s superstar, super-hot, blaisan detective walks into the grisliest crime scene she’s confronted in 17 years: twin girls ritualistically  carved up on their own dining room table. Nicknamed the Tigress, she’s seen hundreds of crime scenes, but at this one, she pukes. Then quits. It wasn’t just the mayhem, but it was something… Her head clearer after a week at the beach, Suzanne knows she can’t quit investigating the murders. Off-the-books, she and buddy, FBI special agent, Mia Gonzales find the latest were the 6th of similar murders of teenage twins going back to 1911. How the fuck does that happen, they wonder? But Mia finds out the FBI hierarchy has something to hide, and Atlanta politicos are thrilled when two white supremacists are arrested for the Atlanta murders (of twins who are black). The suspects are themselves murdered in jail. The two females sleuths know the good ole boys got set up. Problem is, they don’t have single suspect. All the cases go ice cold again.

Until a year later when something, seemingly random and unimportant, changes everything. Isn’t that the way life often is? A middle school kid in Roswell gets unfairly booted off his lacrosse team. You can’t be serious, Suzanne tells her boss, Kip Davies, Atlanta’s top criminal attorney, who she now works for,  are longtime friends (who have unconsummated hots for each other)  – when he asks a favor. Grudgingly, she agrees to investigate his nephew’s trouble.

Enter the bad girl of the story, Pamela Loncart, the chairwoman of the lacrosse club who is much more than that. She’s an auburn-haired stunner who is not only a DEA heavy-hitter, but also the longtime surreptitious paramour of the Pacific Cartel’s top narco; plus she’s a suburban mom who loves illicit fun with teenage boys, including her own twins – and is a member of a satanic coven called the Atlanta Tribe.

Suzanne comes to realize that she’s a player in the Tribe’s deadly Game of Twins —  which is intertwined with twins murders and several others going back a century; her assault at a frat party two decades ago and her debilitating nightmares since; her father’s supposedly accidental drowning – as well as the boy’s unfair sports dismissal. Then it’s Suzanne playing cat-and-mouse with Pamela and her Tribe until the shocking conclusion.

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