Overpower Oceans: 7 Leadership Principles that Crush Your Most Powerful Mental Barriers

Posted 23 days ago
Wayne Sharer

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Overpower Oceans is the Easiest Way to Never be the One in Life or Death Battles with Competitors

Overpower Oceans is the First and Only Leadership Book detailing the Leadership Principles you must embrace to overcome the most powerful barriers to your leadership success.

It's not just a book. It's pathway to success for even the most anxiety filled people you know.

Why Overpower Oceans is the "Must Have" Leadership Development Release

Who are the true leaders? Can anyone lead?  What if I have severe anxiety?  Can I still lead? Leadership isn’t owned by position, title, or given as a birth gift. It’s developed through a conscious and subconscious effort of a lifetime. 

"The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born -- that there is a genetic factor to leadership. This myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That's nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born." --Warren G. Bennis

When you become the boss, you don’t become a leader.  You must become the Master of Leadership principles that drive you and your team.  When you can live by these principles, you hit the peak of leadership where you influence more than just those you can see and touch. Your experience and guidance is demanded from others because of how you lead.

With incredible stories, humor and drama, Wayne Sharer each of these principles of leadership and how they work together to enable even the most anxiety-filled people to become incredibly good leaders.  You discover how to master each principle and elevate to a more prominent, persuasive, valued, and successful leader.

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