Mafia Ties - The Greek Syndicates

Posted 9 months ago
Nick Christophers

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by Nick Christophers

For past generations, we’ve been intrigued and mesmerized by the hidden roots of the “Cosa Nostra”. While the infamous life of the Italian Mafia, has been the forefront of these stories, there is a hidden gem of an untold organization of world domination crime, "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", organized criminal groups well-entrenched in the largest Greek urban centers.

The silent partners of the mob world, have operated internationally for decades, and have been instrumental in many ways. Yet only known of behind the closed doors with the traditional mafia. The ice-breaking thriller, "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", takes you behind those closed doors on a historical and terrifying journey, of this crime syndicate.

The names of Spiro Velentzas, Willie Kazonis, and Harry Peetros, traditionally are not the household names that come to mind, when we think “Mafia.” The front-page legacies of John Gotti, Jimmy Coonan, Tony Accardo, Angelo Bruno, and Jerry Angulio, have had mobster fans captivated for generations and all have worked with the Greek crime element. But behind the veil of Mafia secrecy lies an old-world culture of Mafia, the untold story of the other godfather’s, from Philadelphia to Athens. 

Within the pages of, "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", is a raw and captivating look in the window of their organizations that stems from Greece across the oceans to Australia and into Canada. A shadowy crime element that has remained an unpublished tale, until now. 

Within the pages of this book are personalized accounts and stories from leaders, and mobsters, who’ve worked with the "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", including FBI recordings that depict brutal imagery into their operations, and connections to various Italian and Irish Mafia families.

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