Bullied Inc

Posted 9 months ago
Genie Hermoso

Category : Fiction & Literature

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Lizzie, an investigative reporter for the New York Times, is investigating her former best friend, Rahul's company for worker's abuse. She feels conflicted and guilty she has to do a hit piece on her friend. Her investigation would surely ruin her friend's reputation and business. After a terrible day at work, she gets a chance encounter with her former high school classmate, handsome yet humble Christopher, who is now a big Hollywood movie star.

They go to dinner to catch up with their lives. Lizzie realizes that Christopher could be the love of her life and Christopher realizes the same thing. In the heat of the moment, they share a memorable kiss.

The only thing is, they are both engaged to other people.

Lizzie regrets her lost opportunity with Christopher. She also regrets the dark path that her friend, Rahul has taken. 

Suddenly, an opportunity is presented to her through a wish-granting fortune cookie.

Lizzie makes a wish to turn back time so she can somehow change her past-- save her friend Rahul from turning into a bad guy and also to tell Christopher how she truly feels about him. 

She was only given one chance to change her future. Will she succeed?

Follow Lizzie as she goes back in time to high school 1999 in this entertaining, charming time travel, standalone romance. Meet Lizzie's quirky yet adorable friends as she tries to navigate high school all over again. Follow her as she deals with bullying at school. 

Reminisce about the time before cellphones were popular, mixed tapes, scrunchies, malls, The Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears.

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