Spiritual Espionage

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James Laudermilk

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The Devil is in the Details. Have you ever felt as if something was watching you but nothing visible with your natural eye was evident in your surroundings? In spiritual warfare, the devil and his ruler demons have deployed a team of devils that have been assigned to your life to watch and monitor you in all things. Watching your daily life (success, failures, family, weaknesses and strengths) and what makes you do what you do, whether good or bad. In John 14:30, Jesus gives us an example that the devil, in all of his attempt to figure out Jesus, had found nothing to hang his hat on and exploit concerning the character of Jesus. John 14:30 out of the Amplified Bible states:“I will not talk with you much more, for the prince (evil genius, ruler) of the world is coming, and he has no claim on me. [He has nothing in common with me; there is nothing in me that belongs to him, and he has no power over me]”.Why does Jesus tell his disciples that the devil has no claim on him? I submit to you that when the heavens opened up, and God declared over his son concerning his pleasure in him (Jesus), the devil finally found out who the promised Messiah was after the fall of man in Genesis. This is why he (Satan) immediately went to try and tempt Jesus because he needed data on him that he could leverage later on in his life to ensnare him and to weaken his call. Of course we know he was unsuccessful because Jesus withstood him during his time of testing and defeated him on the cross.However, what about you? What sin has Satan hung over your head that he and his team of devils use against you to weaken you and your posture for the Kingdom of God? What traits and motivations yield negative results in your life that the devils have assessed and placed in your file that sits in hell concerning you that they use to exploit you at a most opportune time? An opportune time when the signals of promotion are looming over you in the spirit. An opportune time when you are progressing with God and all seems to be going well. In life, you will have to confront the devil and master the weaknesses of your flesh. Remember, deliverance is the children’s bread and available for you today. Most churches don’t move in the Ministry of Deliverance although it was one of the main things Jesus moved in during his ministry. Jesus gave us many examples on how to cast out devils and execute effective spiritual warfare. Don’t be ignorant of Satan’s devices sent out against you. This book examines and explains demonic operations set out against you and your bloodline and will provide powerful insight on how to counter the operations of hell. God be praised!~ Prophet James Laudermilk

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