Dr. Lana Weight Loss Workbook Day 1-90

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Lana Moshkovich

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My name is Lana Moshkovich and I am a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I practice in the state of IL in a beautiful Clinic in Deerfield.
All my life I struggled with weight loss and finally created a wonderful support system for myself. I lost 34 pounds in 7 month.

I would like to share it with you. 

This book is not the same as as other's books. Instead of writing a general weight loss book I thought to share with you my personal daily, weekly, monthly routines.
Lana's Weight Loss Workbook is a series of 3 month volumes.
It's organized and developed in a daily format with motivational help, my daily food intake and recipes, pictures and gym routines.
Anyone can replicate the work I have done and it's doable.
Every day you will see my story and my routines for the day and you have an opportunity to write down what you are going to do and what you have done.
You can enter your metrics every day ( weight, BMI, size...)

Morning Brainstorm. On your workbook page you have Morning Brainstorm where you get ready for this particular day. This is your planning thoughts.

Evening Reflection. Here you have an opportunity to write what you have done for your weight loss, meals that you eat, workout you have done.


Dr. Lana Moshkovich, DACM is a founder and director of Nirvana Naturopathics. Lana is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and a Licensed Acupuncturist in state of Illinois. 
Lana holds a Master of Pharmaceutical Science from ZSMU, Ukraine, where she took a Hippocratic Oath.

Lana Moshkovich helps patients achieve their health and wellness goals, treating a wide range of concerns, including chronic health conditions, pain, fertility, allergies, and aging.

Certified in NAET ( Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique)
Preferred Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture Practitioner

For more information visit www.nirvananaturopathics.com


“Can a person lose weight surely, steadily, and without feeling deprived? Dr. Moshkovich presents herself as Exhibit A in "Lana's Weight Loss Guide and Workbook," and answers that question with a resounding yes. Her book recounts her personal journey, and if the reader follows her daily, weekly, and monthly steps, it is absolutely possible to follow in her path to success in just three months. Her approach is holistic, since in the rest of her life, she is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor highly experienced with herbal remedies, nutrition, and acupuncture. Using Lana's frank confessions, motivational essays, journaling prompts, recipes, and even exercise tips that can actually be accomplished, readers have a three month program for weight loss that is destined to be successful. Reading this book is like having the personal weight loss partner you've always wanted."

-Nadiya Melnyk, DAOM, L.Ac, AMFT
Dr. Melnyk is the founder of Wisdom of Health and author of the book Women’s Health: Western and Eastern Perspective

“Dr. Moshkovich has designed a practical and achievable weight loss accountability program. I recommend her 90-day book to anyone that has struggled to maintain a regimented system.”

- Dr. Shivali Panchal Gruer, Integrative Physician

“I have found that the best health related books are those written by authors who have personally overcome a challenge. Dr. Lana Moshkovich holds a very personal account and you can feel her passion for self-improvement throughout each day on every page. She displays lots of options, helpful suggestions, and provides a very balanced approach to the weight-loss challenge. Dr. Lana changes losing weight and improving health from one dimension to many, and encourages us to find the deeper meaning which supports our goals.”

-Mariya Atrakhimovich, BSN, RN

“Fun, motivating, easy read that makes you feel like you are taking the weight loss journey with a friend.”

-Karina S.

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