Finch Henry's Air Fish

Posted 1 year ago
E. Heroldbeck

Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy

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‘An enthralling and thought provoking MUST read, full of original ideas.’

'A speculative fiction novel that explores existance and the way we value life. Uplifting and completely gripping.'

Finch watches, perplexed, as the bride enters the glass chamber and lies down on the velvet draped bed. Cinema screens emerge streaming live footage of her, yet there is no sign of any groom. This isn’t like any wedding Finch had attended on his native island, but then the mainland has proved able to astonish at every turn. 

What was the single scientific discovery that the island rejected so long ago, creating a vast chasm in technological evolution between itself and the mainland? What can have been divisive enough to warrant the construction of new borders, trapping islanders in a bygone era while the mainland developed an advanced philosophical ethos? How will Finch relate to the beautiful Olga who has grown up with this evolved mindset, so far removed from his own, island-learnt outlook?


What a book! Tough storyline to tackle, and yet this book really delivers. EH Tuning in to our trajectory for the big things in life such as our modern take on religion and our ever-expanding technology, blending them to depict a perhaps very realistic future. Very human characters this book made me laugh and cry, the characters are likeable and alive and the story gathers pace quickly. Thought-through, inspired, beautifully written and so visual. Intelligent stuff. I'm twenty pages from the end and don't want it to finish. Highly recommended - you'll feel entertained, gripped, and possibly even enlightened.
Added comment: just finished it, ending is perfect.


I purchased this book not knowing anything about it. Well, I was thoroughly such a GOOD way! It kept my attention from cover to cover. The story line is very thought provoking and beautifully written. When you finish reading this book, you will look at life just that little bit differently. Hopefully, the author will do a sequel.


This was an amazing and thought provoking read. Took a few pages before I engaged but certainly worth it. Highly recommend it to anyone who likes an intellectual challenge.


This is an excellent story add I couldn’t put the book down. The central idea is original, imaginative and full of surprises.There is a lot of humour in it but the underlying theme is both thought provoking and challenging. The characters are strongly portrayed and authentic, and I found the main character, Finch, captivating. I must say, without giving the any of the story away, that the final denouement is brilliant.

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