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Brenda James

Category : Fiction & Literature

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Silvio Santoro, a Jet Company owner, moved to a new town, where he met John Brice, a family catering business owner. He was immediately attracted to his oldest daughter Kimberly. Both Silvio and Kimberly had been in previous relationships that had ended on hostile terms.

As time goes by, Silvio and Kimberly's friendship turns into romance. But, little did they know about their exes’ past and present horrendous acts, which will bring negative effects and occurrences on their relationship, almost ending the love they shared. Silvio then finds out about a devastating tragedy that involved his family that was unbeknownst to him, bringing even more devastation.

The countless suffering and tragedy continue to be brought upon them and their loved ones around them. With all of the continuous endangering ordeals they all have to endure and overcome, there is only one question that remains on all of their minds: How much longer will they have to undergo all the hardships in their lives? And, will the one or ones prompting it ever be stopped?

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