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Brenda James

Category : Fiction & Literature

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Growing up in New York, Debbie Lytle Meads had gone through traumatic sexual abuse and forced into prostitution during her teenage years by two drug dealers. After telling her brother, Leon, he kills the dealers and is sentenced to life in prison.

At eighteen, she marries her and Leon’s older mutual friend, Allan Meads, and they move to New Jersey. But Brian, the drug dealer’s younger brother, finds them and threatens to take Debbie back to New York if Allan doesn’t sell drugs for him. Allan gets cancer and dies and Brian starts beating her because of her refusal to go back to New York.

Debbie takes a photo of Allan to his sister, Josephine, who knew nothing about his existence and who was in a clashing marriage to Samuel Palts. Soon after, Samuel gets an annulment of their marriage. Time goes by, and Debbie and Samuel fall in love. But their relationship is hampered by Tanya, an old friend of Samuel, and by Brian, who wants Debbie back in New York at all costs.

Debbie decides to take things into her own hands to try and end the troubles and turmoil that Tanya and Brian are causing in her life. But how far will she go to get her life back on track and save the love she shares with Samuel?

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