Peregrination by SG Boudreaux

Posted 7 months ago
SG Boudreaux

Category : Christian fiction/Fantasy/Time-travel

Price: $ 17.95

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Storms are wreaking havoc on the face of the earth, due to man's ever-increasing sin nature. A few select people have been chosen to traverse the earth through time and space by way of these very same storms, to try and save mankind from our own destruciton. These people are known as Peregrines. They are guided by those know as the Dragoman, whose purpose is to direct the Peregrines in missions to obtain sacred artifacts that will aid in their fight to save mankind. They must battle demons along the way, as well as face perilous dangers associated with their missions. 

All the Pererines and Dragoman have converged onto Reader's Island to prepare for the great and final battle that a select few, known as The Twelve, will have to fight in. As they train and learn how to use their new found powers they must also find five lost keys that open the recently found ancient, archival books that could hold important information for the success of their missions. 

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