Gilraen and the Prophecy Trilogy

Posted 1 month ago
Joanne Reid

Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy

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More than 1000 pages of the action, thrills and high adventure! Join Gilraën Gulámae as she battles Lord Beckworth and the evil Adjudicars in defense of the true king

Elves hide in their magical realms. Dwarves cower deep in their dwarrows. Cruel giants and brutal trolls rampage throughout the lands. Lord Beckworth’s armies strike with impunity. The handsome Prince William fights a losing battle to defend the borders.

Tony Richardson is transformed into the Elvin queen, Gilraën Gulámae, upon a mysterious medieval world. Trapped within The Prophecy, Gilraën and the handsome Prince William fight to preserve the kingdom against Lord Beckworth and his evil Adjudicars.

But, Tony can’t return to Earth unless Gilraën wins the war, defeats Lord Beckworth, and drives the Adjudicars from the lands. Gilraën is doomed to fulfill The Prophecy regardless of the cost.

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