Revelations - photographing and telling the invisible

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The book is a collection of 50 extraordinary images taken all over the world and associated to 50 descriptive quotes, to convey clearly and originally the message that nature is alive, made of an invisible energy and documented, and as such, it must be respected. 
The book, was born with the desire to simulate curiosity, to make the world be seen from a different perspective, and to make people understand the importance of the necessary respect for nature and for the environment, by using photography as a scientific means to show the connection between the material world and the natural- spiritual world. Incredible figures, surprising faces push the reader back to an extraordinary reality which is the result of deep and real photographic research, connected to the myths and legends from different parts of the world and described with attractive quotes. 
The artist Stefano Favaretto explores elements which are like bridges between the material and immaterial worlds, as myths and legends, that have always connected real or really existed elements to surreal or imaginary elements which have lain down in the collective subconscious for centuries and this doesn’t mean they are inexistent ( see the myth of Christmas or the angels). According to the artist, myths contain precious information about rites, traditions and popular beliefs, often provided by a peculiar observation of the reality. By exploring this mythical reality we can perceive as well as show, how the human being has always tried to “go beyond” and has the certainty that there is another universe we do not see. After reading about myths and legends of a place, Favaretto aims at immortalising the figures or characters described there, in order to invite travellers to go and see those places and look at them through their own eyes as well as through “different eyes”. Consequently the project becomes a stimulus to observe nature in its beauty and depth, making it part of each human being. 
The images resulting in the photographs are real and not falsified or adapted but they are the result obtained by mirroring the original picture to make the complete image that the artist has already seen while shooting. 
The quotes written by Giancarlo Cencini help the reader understand the meaning of the artworks and stimulate curiosity, to understand the natural reality with his/ her own eyes. The project can be considered a simple and didactic guide to the meaning of “respect” and to the care for nature and the planet, understandable by everybody. 

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