Tales From The Millinery Shop ~ With A Twist

Posted 2 months ago
David Hart

Category : Historical Fiction, Erotica, Traditional Victorian, Suspense

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The era is 1897—1924. Miscegenation laws rule the United States, not just in the South, but in northern places like New York. Recognition of love between men and women of different races and ethnicity is abhorrent. The penalty for violating those racial norms can be death. 

Glaring lavishness, unconcealed vice, and blatant promiscuity by professional "courtesans" with men who are engaged in the "sporting life" is the norm for New Yorkers in this Gilded Age era. The over-sized posh hats worn by women are adorned with birds and their feathers. Opulent in their design and creativity, this style of hat is in great demand by women everywhere and in all walks of life; and the women who work in millinery shops constantly strive to satisfy this overwhelming demand. 

Herein are the stories of a few of those women. These are their tales of romance and mystery, of success and misfortune, from the easily understood aspects of daily life, to the unexplainable occurrences of strange incidents ... especially those involving a unique "cat." These are their stories ... in their own words.

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