What Has Been Will Be Again

Posted 1 year ago
Russell Nickel

Category : Theological Eschatology, Spirituality, Bible Prophecy


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Russell Nickel's new book, "What Has Been Will Be Again," takes the reader on an exciting journey, discussing the critical prophetic truths behind Ecclesiastes 1:9.  THE THING THAT HATH BEEN, IT IS THAT WHICH  SHALL BE; AND THAT WHICH IS DONE IS THAT WHICH SHALL BE DONE: AND THERE IS NO NEW THING UNDER THE SUN.  Not only has history repeated itself throughout the ages, but more importantly, the events recorded in the Old Testament are prophetic pictures of what WILL again come to pass on the earth.  To discern what earth-shaking events will manifest themselves in the future, there must be a correct interpretation of historical truth.  The Old Testament stories recorded in the Bible such as The Exodus, The Flood, and the destruction of Sodom, are prophetic pictures of what will again overtake the earth.  Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  God bless, Russell Nickel.

NOTE:  Other purchase options online includes Barnes and Noble.com and Walmart.com.  The book is also availabe in Kindle at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Thanks and God bless, Rusell Nickel.

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